Our Mission

At Musicians 4 Hearing, we believe in three things:

  1. Global hearing access
  2. Hearing awareness in music
  3. Inclusion of all abilities in music

Music is the universal language, we aim to share it with the world. 

Why we started

Musicians 4 Hearing was born out of an idea to connect those who love sound, with those who need it most. A staggering 74% of musicians are estimated to live with a form of hearing injury. Worse still, the chances of seeing a hearing specialist in many parts of the world are so rare, it’s statistically more likely to be struck by lightning. 

That doesn’t seem right to us.

Musicians 4 Hearing aims to help musicians hear music for life, and individuals in need, access hearing. Our efforts work to promote a healthy dose of hearing awareness in the industry, while fundraising to provide hearing services all over the globe.

We believe in hearing access for all, and a love of music being shared for life.

Want to share your love of sound with the world?

Get Involved

Board of Directors

Siobhan McGinnity


Siobhan is a PhD candidate researching the prevention of hearing injury in the music industry through the HEARing CRC. She also lectures in hearing care and the management of tinnitus at the University of Melbourne, where she works clinically supervising Masters of Audiology student’s. She has performed live for over 10 years, crossing genres of classical, pop-rock and improvised musical comedy. Her passion for helping people hear comes from a deep love of music and wanting to share that with as many people as possible.

El Chantry


El is an experienced program manager who believes there should be no barriers when it comes to enjoying a good gig.
As the Contemporary Program Manager at Melbourne Recital Centre, El has the pleasure of working with artists, promoters and booking agents to present world-class performances in a venue renowned for its uncompromised acoustics. Previously, El worked to foster a culture of private giving, celebrating philanthropic investment and equipping musicians with access to fundraising skills development opportunities in her role as Partnerships and Events Manager at Creative Partnerships Australia. She was instrumental in building temporary live music venues and promoting local artists for Melbourne Music Week, an event she produced for six years. She’s programmed a number of events, provided artist liaison for Hovefestivalen and Øya Natt, written articles for music magazines and did a fair stint at the Department of Culture and the Arts. El also volunteers with Gertrude Street Projection Festival as the music programmer, and cherishes her role as Chair of Musicians 4 Hearing, hoping to raise hearing awareness amongst local musicians and promote Deaf inclusion in all areas of music.

Michael Burke

Vice President

Michael is a solicitor currently practicing in Victoria. Michael was previously employed in Western Australia as a barrister and solicitor. Michael is a part-time music creator and loves the thriving Melbourne music scene. Michael graduated his Bachelor of Laws in 2007, and now holds the Vice-President position of Musicians 4 Hearing. Michael has been inspired by Musicians 4 Hearing to bring hearing care to those who have no access, as hearing is an important part of language, and communication.

Nicole La Bianca

Board Member

Nicole is a passionate arts manager, festival-goer, music-listener and sometimes-performer who strongly believes in the importance of the arts industry for the community, currently working as Associate Producer at Griffin Theatre Company. Nicole has also held positions at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, National Gallery of Victoria and Perth International Arts Festival. Nicole holds a Master of Arts in Arts Management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies, and unites her knowledge and experience at Musicians 4 Hearing in the hope her skills can make a real difference to those in need.

Lisa Norden


Lisa has more than 20 years of financial experience in industry and not for profit organisations. Her qualifications include being a Certified Practicing Accountant and receiving a Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and the AICD’s Company Directors Course.

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