Why we’re hear

Over 360 million people live with a disabling hearing loss yet just 11% have access to the care they need. In some regions of the world, the chance of seeing an audiologist is less than 1 in 5 million, making it statistically more likely to be struck by lighting than to see a hearing specialist. This needs to change.

Access to hearing care isn’t just about access to sound, it’s the bridge to a world of communication, education and employment – something we believe everyone deserves to receive.

Musicians 4 Hearing aims to connect those who love sound, with those who need it. Our musical events and activities work to fund hearing care for the world’s poorest, while simultaneously raising the discussion of hearing awareness in the music community, supporting both to hear music for life.

If music is the universal language – we think access to it should be universal too.

Your donation could support hearing care in countries that need support, including treatments to:


Keep a child’s hearing aid running for one year


Provide medication to treat 50 children with chronic middle ear infections


Provide a basic hearing device to someone in need

Musicians 4 Hearing endeavours to use donations in the most effective way possible.
The above figures have been provided by All Ears Cambodia and are an example of how your donation could assist those most in need.

Latest Projects



Musicians 4 Hearing are working to support Himalayan Hearing & Health to build the first hearing clinic in the Dhanusha province of Nepal. This will service thousands of people from the local region, providing hearing care to all ages and walks of life.



In partnership with All Ears Cambodia, Musicians 4 Hearing helped fund a street clinic in rural Cambodia, testing ears and treating infections in individuals who otherwise would not have been able to access or afford it.

In the right hands, a small amount goes a long way, please join us.

Keep up with our events

Our events raise much needed funds, promote inclusivity and raise awareness.

Musicians are at greater risk of hearing injury, such as hearing loss or tinnitus than the general population. Not only do our events fund hearing care projects for the world’s poorest, they help raise the voice of hearing care in the music community.

By pairing those who love sound with those who need it, our events help both communities.

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Hearing Tips
and Resources

A life long career or love of music doesn’t need to mean injuring your ears in the process. With the right information, you can take steps to protect and nurture your ears through a vibrant career.

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help everyone better care for their ears. Let’s help hear music for life.

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